Here is a list of thing to consider trying for Asthma.  It may take a combination of  these,
and it may take some time before you see results.

Disclaimer- I am not a doctor. This is general information only and is not to be substituted for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Prayer Idea:
Father, I pray for ___________ to be healed of asthma.  Thank You that nothing is impossible for You. I pray for the immune system to be healthy, the lungs to function normally, bronchial tubes to be open, chest muscles to relax, toxins to be cleansed out of the body.  I release peace, the shalom of heaven over the mind.  I thank you that you work supernaturally and you also designed our bodies to heal naturally when we they are properly nourished.  Please guide me to know what if any of the following ideas I should try.  In Jesus name. Amen.

Organic/Non-GMO diet (Click Here)
Watch a video with scientific evidence and doctors testimonies where a whole variety of health conditions were eliminated including asthma
(This diet gets rid of pesticides like glyphosate and others, and plants that have been genetically modified, which many peopleís bodies canít process properly)  

Article by Dr. Corrine Weaver
(Click Here) She recommends:
      Omega 3 -
(dark green leafy vegetables,
                                  oily fish, walnuts)
      Gluten, dairy, & sugar
may cause inflammation which may
            trigger Asthma.  Consider eliminating
            these for a time.
      Magnesium may be low.(this mineral
            plays a role in opening up the bronchial
            tubes and improving airflow)
Reduce any Mold

Natural Asthma Remedies 
    (Click Here) (Click Here)
    (Click Here) (Click Here)

Drink more water - when you are dehydrated, your body may try to compensate by releasing histamines.
Try 3-4 glasses of water if you have an attack. And drink 8 glasses per
day. (Click Here)

Onion Juice (relaxes the bronchial muscles and prevents spasms. 
(Blend 2 ounces of onion juice with 2 ounces of carrot juice and 2 ouces of parsley juice.)  Drink twice each day.
Source: New Choices in Natural Healing, page 191

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