Knowing God through His Word
Bible Mountain
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This is a resource for anyone that
   wants to learn more about how to
   grow in understanding God's Word.
   Things you can learn on your journey
   up Bible Mountain are:

    - Why the Bible was written
    - How to know God through the Bible
    - Help for our daily lives
    - The way to heaven
    - How to know the Bible is true
    - Creation vs Evolution
    - What if you don't believe in God?
    - 5 Ways to learn from the Bible
    - Old Testament vs New Testament
    - Law vs Grace
    - Links to maps, timelines, bible study
      tools, and much more.

  "I believe the Bible is the best gift God
   has given to man"
Abraham Lincoln

   I pray that what you find here will be
   a blessing to you.      

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