Taking Care of our Temple
Body Mountain
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              Body Mountain Journey

  This is a resource for anyone that wants
  to have a healthier body (including me).

   Things you can learn on your journey
   up Body Mountain are:

       - Scriptures on Health
       - Information on Nutrition
       - Food sources for vitamins &
       - Benefits of eating Organic Foods
       - Information on Exercise
       - Help for Specific Conditions &
       - Information on Healing
       - Possible roots of some diseases
       - & Other Health Topics

  My hope in putting this information
  online is that perhaps there is
  something here that can help you or
  someone you know.

  It is a work in process. 

  I pray that what you will find here will
  be a blessing to you.

(Click Here) to begin your journey
   up Body Mountain.

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  Maturity Story, (Click Here)

  Other Mountains to climb

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