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(Taking Care of our Temple)


What is Body Mountain?
This is a resource for anyone that wants to learn how to take better care of their body.  I pray what you find here will be a blessing to you.

God showed me when climbing the
    Mountains of Maturity
    "The Way Up is Down" (Click Here

    If you haven't read the Mountains of
    Maturity Story, (Click Here)

2) Scriptures on health & our bodies?
     (Click Here)

3) Nutrition
     -Food Sources for:
          - Vitamins, Minerals, Essential
             Fatty Acids (Click Here)

     - Organic/Non-GMO (Is it really that
       important?) (Click Here)

    - Acid/Alkaline Food Charts
      (Click Here) & (Click Here)

4) Exercise (Click Here)

5) Help for Specific Conditions
    and Diseases (Click Here)

6) Possible Spiritual Roots of
    Some Diseases (Click Here)

7) Health Youtube Videos
       Barbara O'Neill
       More recommendations to come
8) Healing Mountain (Click Here)

Other Mountains to climb

Other Topics



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