Colds & Congestion

Here is a list of things to consider trying for helping colds & congestion.  If you know of other things not listed here that have helped you, feel free to send me an email.  My email address is  If this information is helpful, it would be awesome to hear about it.

Disclaimer - I am not a doctor.  This is general information only and is not to be substitued for medical advice.

Things to try at the first sign of symptoms:

Lemons-juice a whole lemon into water and drink.

Eat raw garlic cloves-garlic contains allicin that kills germs. Best to eat at night so that you won't have such
bad breath around others.

Drink alot of water (2 liters per day)

Zinc And Magnesium,
Vitamin C & E

Peppermint Oil (Click Here)
See #20 & 21
Soothe a Sore Throat "Mentholís cooling properties can help soothe a painful and inflamed sore throat, while also combating any infection that may have caused it To use: Either gargle a mix of 2 drops of peppermint oil in water, or add a few drops to a pot with water and deeply inhale the steam."
Clear a Stuffy Nose
"Peppermint oil can help treat many cold symptoms, such as mucus congestion, due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
To use: Diffuse peppermint oil throughout your home when you have a cold to reduce bacteria in the air and help with a stuffy nose and congestion."

Gargle with salt water for sore throat. Or apple cider vinegar and honey

Improving the Immune System
(Click Here)

Full night sleep
(try to get extra sleep)


Eliminate or cut down white sugar
Agave or honey are better

Grape Juice


Tumeric/ginger honey tea 1/8 t of each boiled add honey and coconut milk

Tea of raw ginger, lemon, honey, and cinnamon stick

Bone broth recipe
bay leaf
garlic cloves
chicken bones
Boil and turn down for 3 hours
Skim off the foam and throw out the foam.  Take it 3 times per day (can't remember how much maybe a cup)
May start sweating. That is normal. It's clearing out your system.

Essential Oils - Frankincense or peppermint oil.  Add a few drops to a cloth and inhale for the respiratory benefits or use an essential oil diffuser. 

If you already have a full blown cold with congestion:

See the things above.  Plus here are some over-the-counter things that have helped our family.

Mucinex Chest Congestion- (over the counter available at Walmart) We use the one with 1200 mg of Guainefesin
You'll want to be careful to use an appropriate dosage for a child.  I think there is also a liquid for children.

Decongestant-Walmart has a generic decongestant called Walfed.  You must ask the pharmacist for it. Itís over the counter but is kept behind the pharmacy counter due to vandalism. If it's a child, you'll want to talk to the pharmacist for recommendations.

Vix-rub on throat & chest.

Elderberry (Click Here)

How to fight colds, flus, and infecfions (Click Here)

My friend, Sarah used this treatment to help her: "In a coffee mug, I filled it half with water and half with vinegar and microwaved to boiling and then added a respiratory blend, peppermint and Oregano oil and just inhaled it for 30 minutes and it cleared my sinus pressure which helped with so many other symptoms"

I used 5 drops of the respiratory blend, 5 peppermint and 2 of Oregano for 5oz of water and 4 ozs of vinegar

She has also used lavender oil

Just be sure NOT to drink it.

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