Healing Mountain Index
                      What is Healing Mountain?              
Healing Mountain is a list of resources
  to help you gain healing for the spirit,
  soul, and body.

  Each section stands on it's own, so
  feel free to journey in a way that
  meets your needs.

  For years I have researched and
  collected information on:
         -Healing Scriptures
         -Healing Testimonies
         -Instructions on how to pray for
          healing for yourself or others
         - Various conditions & diseases
         - Common Questions people
            have about healing
         - & more

     My hope in putting this information
     online is that perhaps there is
     something here that can help you
     or someone you know. This website
     is a work in process. 

     I pray that what you will find here
     will be a blessing to you.

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         What is Healing Mountain?
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1  Health for the Spirit. Have you
     begun a relationship with God?
     (Click Here)

2 The Way up is Down (God showed
   me that the way up each mountain of
   maturity was down.) (Click Here)

3 Healing Scriptures (Click Here)
   Healing Scriptures spoken by
   Adina Ness with soothing instrumental
   music (Click Here)

4 Common questions people have about

     Does God still heal today?
     Is Healing God's Will?
        (Click here) (Click Here)
     What about Paul's Thorn in the Flesh?
     Did God Ever Cause Sickness?
        In the Old Testament
        In the New Testament
           Acts 12:21-24
           Acts 5:1-11
        Jesus redeemed us from the curse
          of the law (Deut 28) by His precious
           Galatians 3:10-13   
           1 Peter 1:18-19

5 The Authority of the Believer
      (Click Here) (Click Here)
       Kenneth Hagin Video (Click Here)

6 Healing Testimonies (Click Here)

7 Healing Teachings (Click Here)

8 Help for Specific Conditions
   (Click Here)

9 Healing Prayer Ideas:
    -Sickness, Disease, or Conditions
        -Pray for yourself
        -Pray for Someone Else
    -For pain & injury

        -Pray for yourself
        -Pray for Someone Else

10 How did Jesus Heal the Sick and
     Demon Possessed? (Click Here)

11 How did the Disciples Pray for the
       Sick & Demon Possessed?
        (Click Here)

12 The Role of Faith in Healing
     Who Had Faith? (Click Here)
     Prayers to Grow in Faith (Click Here)
13 10 Ways for Releasing God's Healing
      (Click Here)

14  Forgiveness
Forgiveness Checklist, Prayer, and Scriptures
        How to Forgive When Itís Hard to Forget
        The Process of Forgiveness

15 Spirit, Soul, Body (Click Here)

16 Healing for the Soul (Click Here)

17 Healing & Health for the Body
     (Click Here)

18 Spiritual Roots of Disease
     (Click Here)

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