Ideas for reducing
        High Blood Pressure &
        Improving Heart Health


Here is a list of things to consider trying for High Blood Pressure & Heart Health.  It may take a combination of these and it may take some time.

Disclaimer - I am not a doctor.  This is general information only and is not to be substitued for medical advice.

Healing Prayer idea: Father, thank You for the love you have for _____ In the name of Jesus,
I pray for the heart to be healed, the blood vessels to be opened and function normally with proper elasticity. I release the peace, calm, joy of the Lord.

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Water - drink Ĺ your body weight in ounces. 2 liters is a good amount. It helps thin the blood, normalize blood pressure and end angina. Helps maintain vital cell function.  Water is absorbed better into the cells by taking a small amount of Celtic or Himalayan salt because of the 82 minerals. 

10 Foods to clean your arteries (Click Here)
Asparagus, Avocado, Broccoli, Fatty Fish, Nuts, Olive Oil, Watermelon, Tumeric, Spinach, Whole Grains (Organic/Non-GMO)

Morning drink to unclog arteries
By Dr. Alan Mandell (Click Here)

1 Tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive oil plus some lemon juice in morning  (Click Here)

Natural Blood Thinners
(Click Here)

Olive Oil to help absorb Carotenoids (Click Here)

Another Morning drink to clean arteries (Click Here) Tried this.  Pretty nasty, so you may want to sip over a looong period of time.

Ginko Biloba (Click Here for video)

Olive Oil for cleaning arteries
(Click Here)

Beet Powder - Walmart has a nice big container

Hawthorne Berry-Tablets, tea, or berries helps improve arrhythmias, angina, blood pressure, arterial hardening, circulation, valvular insufficiency, irregular pulse, abnormal acid levels in blood

Celery- 4 stalks dialates blood vessels, relaxes the muscles that regulate blood pressure or celery juice or oil.

Bok Choy - brimming with a mineral that helps make high blood pressure drop.

Celtic or Himalayan Salt (this has 82 minerals compared to only 2 for normal salt.) It helps the body be able to absorb the water

Garlic- helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure and helps prevent blood clots in the arterial walls when take along with vitamin E

Lecithin - helps maintain healthy arteries and in emulsifying fat. Can reduce plaque in the arteries and lower blood pressure

Tumeric - helps counteract atherosclerosis

Ginger - helps counteract atherosclerosis

Alfalfa seeds  - helps prevent arteriosclerosis

Cayenne Pepper - contains capsaicin helps lower blood pressure, prevent heart attacks and strokes. Can heal heart muscle.
See Barbara O'Neill video (Click Here)

Sesame Oil 2 Ĺ T daily (use in salads or over foods instead of butter)

Bananas - for magnesium

Grapes - helps lower blood pressure

Dark Chocolate - 10 times the antioxidants of strawberries

Asparagus - acts as an ACE inhibitor and can lower blood pressure

Avocados - blocks the absorption of cholesterol in your bloodstream

Fish - salmon, cod, mackerel, sardines contain Omega 3 & Omega 6

Bioflavonoids - protect against heart disease and heart attacks. Oranges, grapefruit, grapes, plums apricots, cherries, currants, blackberries

Vitamin C - 500-100 mg 3-5 times a day because of itís tendency to be excreted from the body

Coenzyme Q10 helps cell in the burning of fats and reduces high blood pressure and arrhythmias.

Folic Acid and  B6 and B12 reduce the level of homocysteine

L-Arganine-helps body produce nitric oxide - watermelon is high in this

L-Carnitine - helps in burning of fat

Magnesium - enhances circulation by permitting the muscles in the arterial walls to rest.

Niacin (the nonflush variety) can help prevent heart attack and heart disease. Check with a doctor first

Selenium - helps with hypertension

Acidophilius -helpful intestinal bacteria help eliminate harmful germs. Heart palpitations due to intestinal problems diminish and heart strength increases

Calcium & Potassium - lack of can result in heart palpitations

Chelation Therapy - helps clean out the arteries (Click Here)

Hibiscus Tea (Click Here)

Forskohlii (an herb from India) helps lower blood pressure and eye pressure

Video by Dr. Mandell (Click Here)

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