How do we know the Bible is True?
Evidence the Bible is True
10 Reasons you can trust the Bible
   By Charlie Campbell (Click Here)

The Uniqueness of the Bible
    (Click Here)

Is the Bible Reliable? (Click Here)
   By: Focus on the Family

The Bible: Can we trust it? (Click Here)

Scientific Evidence
  Answers in Genesis
     Scientific Accuracy
     Science & Bible
  10 of the Top Scientific Facts in the
     Bible by Ray Comfort
     29:41 Video (Click Here)
  Common Sense:
     What are the chances of dropping
     50 balls into 5 perfectly straight rows
     of 10 each. 

Fulfilled Prophecy
   44 Prophecies Jesus Christ Fulfilled
   Fulfilled Prophecy
by Answers in Genesis
   351 Prophecies
      Fulfilled in Jesus Christ

Historical Evidence
   Evidence for the Resurrection
     By: Josh McDowell
   Answers in Genesis-Bible History

Archeological Evidence
  Archeological Finds (Click Here)
  9 Discoveries that Confirm the Bible
     8:04 Video (Click Here)
  Sodom and Gomorrah (Click Here)
  Biblical Proof Found in Stunning
     Archaeological Finds (Click Here)

How the Bible Changes People's lives
   Answers in Genesis (Click Here)

What if I don't believe in God?
Evidence from those who tried to prove the bible was false:

  Evidence that Demands a Verdict

  Investigator Tries to Disprove Christ's

  Chasing Hope - The story of an atheist
    who became a Pastor

Jay Seegert-The Starting Point Project
Evidence for the existence of God
     Evidence for the inerrancy and Divine inspiration
        of the Bible
     Worldviews and our “starting point”
     Creation vs. evolution
     Bible vs. Science controversy
     How to “college-proof” your faith
     Biblical evangelism

The Apostles were willing to die
(Click Here)

How the Apostles died (Click Here)

Solutions to Bible Difficulties
      By: Charlie Campbell (Click Here)

Creation vs Evolution
  Answers in Genesis-Creation
  Answers in Genesis-Evolution
  The Starting Point Project

The Ark Encounter
The Creation Museum
  Doesn’t Carbon-14 Dating
     Disprove the Bible?

Creation Magazine
Evolution vs God-By Ray Comfort
Where did the Races come from?
Ken Ham on the Age of the Earth
Patterns of Evidence-Red Sea Miracle
  Creation vs Evolution
by Jurassic Smarts
  Mt St Helens-Evidence for Young Earth
  Dr. Kent Hovind Videos
  Creationist Views Summarized
     and Defended
  Baseball size cards on the Flood 
  Our Young Earth
  Book-The Young Earth
  When were the Angels Created
  Movie-"A Matter of Faith"
  The Gap Theory - I have a Powerpoint
  presentation refuting this theory.  If you
  are interested in a PDF of this, feel free
  to email me at:

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