Here is a list of things that may help to reduce inflammation.  If you know of other things not listed here that have helped you, feel free to send me an email.  My email address is  If this information is helpful, it would be awesome to hear about it.

Disclaimer - I am not a doctor.  This is general information only and is not to be substitued for medical advice.

Spices or supplements:
Cayenne pepper
Oregano/Oregano Oil
Peppermint Oil

Green Tea
Reduce Stress
Get enough sleep
Frankincense Oil (diffuse)
70% or more dark chocolate.

Foods that may help REDUCE inflammation:

-Tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, avocados, 
  beans, brussel sprouts,  sweet potatoes,
-Olive oil
-Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, cabbage,and collards
-Nuts like almonds, walnuts, and pecans
-Fatty Fish -  like salmon, mackerel, tuna,
and sardines
-Fruits- such as strawberries, blueberries,
raspberries, blackberries, cherries, oranges,
watermelon, apples, papaya, pineapple, grapes
-Brown rice, oatmeal, bran

Foods that may CAUSE inflammation:
-Junk foods: fast food, convenience meals,
potato chips, pretzels
-Refined carbohydrates: white bread, pasta,
white rice, crackers, flour tortillas, biscuits
-Fried foods: french fries, donuts, fried
chicken, mozzarella sticks, egg rolls
-Sugar-sweetened beverages: soda,
sweet tea, energy drinks, sports drinks
-Processed meats: bacon, beef jerky,
canned meat, salami, hot dogs, smoked meat
-Trans fats: shortening, partially hydrogenated
vegetable oil, margarine


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