Links to Other Cool Sites - Search the bible for a verse, word, or phrase in many versions of the Bible - A great site where you can see several translations for a verse on one page along with commentaries on that verse. This site also has many bible study tools.

Christian Movie Reviews - Great site to decide if a movie is appropriate for you or your family to see.

Names of God - A very comprehensive listing of the names of God in the Bible

School of Biblical Evangelism- Learn to share your faith the way that Jesus did.

Spirit-Filled Life - Have you experienced the joy of being filled with the Holy Spirit? Click on this site to learn more.

Free Coloring Pages - Coloring Pages & other activities for kids & teachers

Online Concordance - Online Strong's concordance (King James Version). You can even look up words in the original Biblical language. There are also 2 Lexicons, Roget's Thesaurus, bible dictionaries & more on this site. Very Cool! a great online source for discounted bibles.

Answers in Genesis - Great site for learning how God really did create the world in 6 days and how evolution takes way more faith than creation!

Creation Museum - This is a very cool place to visit! It is very well done and is a good way for people to see how it makes a whole lot more sense that God created the world.

Swiftrode Music - Christian musicians who also have a Christian Recording Studio, graphic art service, DVD authoring and custom audio cables and patch bays for recording studios.

Gospel Tracts -
  An inexpensive & easy way to share your faith (Click Here) (Click Here)

50 Signs of  No Compromise Christian - Great site by SO4J  (Sold Out for Jesus)

Power of the Praying Parent - This is an awesome book that I would recommend to any parent.  It is written by Stormie Omartian.  It is a book that I keep handy.  There are prayers at the end of each chapter that I have used for years with our children. 

Power of the Praying Wife - This is another great book that I would recommend by Stormie Omartian.

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