Cool Sites... - Search the bible for a verse, word, or phrase in many versions of the Bible

Christian Movie Reviews - Great site to decide if a movie is appropriate for you or your family to see.

Names of God - A very comprehensive listing of the names of God in the Bible

Way of the Master- Ray Comfort & Kirk Camerson's Website.

Spirit-Filled Life - Have you experienced the joy of being filled with the Holy Spirit? Click on this site to learn more.

Free Coloring Pages - Coloring Pages & other activities for kids & teachers

Online Concordance - Online Strong's concordance (King James Version). You can even look up words in the original Biblical language. There are also 2 Lexicons, Roget's Thesaurus, bible dictionaries & more on this site. Very Cool! a great online source for discounted bibles.

Answers in Genesis - Great site for learning how God really did create the world in 6 days and how evolution takes way more faith than creation!

Creation Museum - This is a very cool place to visit! It is very well done and is a good way for people to see how it makes a whole lot more sense that God created the world.

Swiftrode Music - Christian musicians who also have a Christian Recording Studio, graphic art service, DVD authoring and custom audio cables and patch bays for recording studios.

Gospel Tracts - An inexpensive & easy way to share your faith

50 Signs of  No Compromise Christian - Great site by SO4J  (Sold Out for Jesus)

Eternal Words of Healing - This website offers a CD of healing scriptures read by my friend Adina Ness.
Adina is a dentist from Romania and is raising money to help orphans get dental care.    The CD is for anyone having any kind of need for healing.  Adina's voice is very gentle.  The recording was done for her mother who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (3 years ago!!)  You'll be touched to read her story at
her website.

Power of the Praying Parent - This is an awesome book that I would recommend to any parent.  It is written by Stormie Omartian.  It is a book that I keep handy.  There are prayers at the end of each chapter that I have used for years with our children. 

Power of the Praying Wife - This is another great book that I would recommend by Stormie Omartian. 

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