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Following is a link to a documentary showing the benefits of switching to an Organic & Non-GMO Diet. I was never convinced it was worth it until I watched this. (The trailer
        (Full video)
It is also for sale or rent on Amazon.

Note that an Organic Diet is automatically Non-GMO, but a Non-GMO diet is not Organic.  (Click Here) to see a chart that shows the difference

Following are some of the conditions that were eliminated when the people in the documentary switched to an Organic diet.

Neuropathy, paralysis from operation
Autism, sensory processing
     disorder, language disorder, selective
     mutism, hypersensitivity,
     digestive issues
Chronic pain syndrome
Myofacial syndrome
Food allergies and sensitivities
Depression & Mood swings
Chronic bronchitis
Eczema and other rashes

Genetically modified food is not properly processed by our bodies.  These genetically modified foods were created by chemical companies so that their products like Roundup could be sprayed on fields and not kill the plants.

Even some foods labeled Non-GMO have been sprayed with pesticides (Click Here)
(Click Here) for an article about lawsuit settlements related to cancer caused by Roundup.

Common GMO foods: Soy, Corn, Sugar, Alfalfa, Cotton, Canola, Papaya from China, & Certain Zucchini & Yellow Squash, Certain Apples, Certain Potatoes, & Canadian Salmon

Also if you decide to explore this idea of an Organic diet, here is a link to the Simply Nature brand at ALDI that has lots of products that are organic.  They have more products in the store than what I saw on their website, but this would give you an idea of some of the items.
Click Here

Super Walmart also a nice selection as do many grocery stores. We are trying to gradually switch over after using up what we have and asking God to help us find organic alternatives. Some months we do better than others. 
If you are a gardener, growing your own produce using Non-GMO seeds is another nice alternative. Your garden will be organic if you don't use pesticides.

Foods to avoid and more (Click Here)

If this all seems overwhelming, here is a prayer idea: 

Father, I want to eat foods that are healthy.  I can do this with Your help.  I pray for grace to make healthy food choices and not to walk in fear but to trust that You are helping me to learn and grow in this area.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

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