Learning How to
Communicate with God
Prayer Mountain
From the  "Mountains of Maturity" Series
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You will be taken to an index of
  resources. Each section stands on it's
  own, so feel free to journey in a way
  that meets your needs.

  Do you want to be a world changer?
  Prayer is one way to be a part of
  making a positive difference in your
  own life and the lives of others.

  This is a resource for anyone that
   wants to learn more about prayer.

   For years I have collected information
   on a variety of topics.

   I pray that what you will find here will
   be a blessing to you and help to:

         - provide information for new
           believers about how to start
           talking to God

         - provide resources for anyone
           interested in learning more about
           prayer and communicating with

         - provide topical resources for
           those who want an easy way to
           pray in certain circumstances.

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