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Do you want to make a difference in your life and the lives of others? Following is a quote that reveals the power of prayer.  

"No ocean can hold it back. No river can overtake it.  No whirlwind can go faster. No army can defeat it.  No law can stop it. No distance can slow it.  No disease can cripple it.  No force on earth is more powerful or effect than the power of prayer"
Linn Carlson

The Way Up is Dow

Being humble is a good place to start in our journey up Prayer Mountain.  The best way up the mountains of maturity is by humbly lowering ourselves.  Following is a teaching on humility.   (Click Here)

What is Prayer? (Click Here)

Types of Prayer (Click Here)

Does God Answer Prayer? (Click Here)

How to Hear from God (Click Here)
How to pray effectively
    (Click Here) for a good article
    My Part/God's Part
    PUSH Prayer & Persistence
    Unanswered Prayer

Scriptures on Prayer (Click Here)

Prayers to Grow in Faith (Click Here)
  What about Doubt?

7 Steps to a Deeper Prayer Life
   The Father's Love Letter


Prayers in the Bible
   Prayers of Jesus       
   Prayers of Paul
   Prayer of Jabez

Prayer Ideas (Click Here)

Prayer for specific circumstances:
       For Yourself (Click Here)
       For someone else (Click Here)

   Crisis Prayers (for when people are
       being persecuted or in a disaster)

   Fear/Stress/Anxiety (Click Here)

   Finances (Click Here)

   Forgiveness (Click Here)

   Healing -
           Prayer for Sick or Disease
                   For Yourself (Click Here)
                   For Someone Else - (Click Here)
           Prayer for Pain or Injury
                   For Yourself (Click Here)
                   For Someone Else - (Click Here)
           How did Jesus pray for Healing?
               (Click Here)
           How did the Disciples pray for Healing?
                (Click Here)

  How to Pray when Someone You Love is
    Stuck in Sin

   Humility (Click Here)

   Leaders & Nations:
      30 Ways to Pray for People in Authority
          (Click Here)
      Prayer for Church Leaders (Click Here)
      Prayer for Missionaries & Ministries
      Prayer for Elections
      Prayer for Governmental Leaders
      Prayer for Nations
      Prayer for Israel Strength

  Marriage and Family
       The Power of a Praying Husband or Wife
       The Power of a Praying Parent
       The Father's Blessing
       Character Qualities to Pray

  Prayers & Declarations to Strengthen
   Your Walk with the Lord

   Prayers to Bless Your Home


   Words of Mouth
       Praying for Ourselves (Click Here)
       Praying for Someone Else (Click Here)