Prayer & Praise CD
   Song Titles           
1.  Heavenly Love
2.  A Woman of Noble Character
3.  Change
4.  Psalm 23
5.  War in the Heavenlies
6.  Only You Satisfy
7.  Holy & Worthy
8.  Harvest
9.  I Worship You
10. Communion Prayer

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Enter into the joy of the Lord as you draw near to God in prayer & praise.

Let your voice of praise travel to the throne room where God will cause it to become a weapon that fights off the spirit of heaviness.

Most of the songs on this CD have come out of some very difficult times that our family has gone through.  We have 3 children. Two of them were diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, which is a very terrible disease.  Watching your children lose their ability to walk and run has been incredibly painful, but I am continuing to pray for a medical cure or supernatural healing. I have learned that my only way to cope with all this is to praise God in the midst of the pain and release my hopes, dreams, fears, anger, pain & needs to God.  It is during my time in the secret place that I gain the strength to endure and find joy in midst of life's trials.  It is my prayer that God will use these songs to help you enter into His presence where you will find strength & joy for your life.  
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