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Song Titles
1. I Know You Love Me
2. The Shelter
3. Yard byYard
4. Jesus I Believe in You
5. God is Crazy About You
6. Hold Onto the Cross
7. River of Life
8. Peace of Mind
9. Righteous in God's Eyes
God is good even when life is hard!

  1. Are you or someone you love sick or in
      physical pain?  (Click Here)

  2. Has someone has hurt you? (Click Here)

  3. Have you been rejected? (Click Here)

  4. Are you are mad at God? (Click Here)

  5. Are you having financial problems?
     (Click Here)

  6. Are you are stressed out, worried, or afraid?
      (Click Here)

  7. Are you having Marriage problems?
      (Click Here)

  8. "What should we do when we face tests
        and trials?" By Bill Gothard  (Click Here)

Music for Difficult Times & Trials

Are You or someone you know hurting? Is this a painful time in your life or a difficult trial?
Do you need some comfort or encouragement?

"In 1994 my oldest son was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, then a few years later, my daughter was also diagnosed with this disease. Our family knows what it is  like to go through really hard times. It is my prayer that the songs on "The River of Life" CD
will give you strength, comfort, and encouragement and draw you closer to Jesus who can
heal your heart."
What Kind of Trial are you going through?
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                         River of Life      
     Songs for Those Going through difficult times
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“Even the best of Christians are troubled by the question, "Why does an almighty God send, or at least allow, suffering?" When you are nagged by thoughts like this, say to yourself, "I am still in elementary school. When I graduate from the university of Christian life, I will understand His ways better and doubts will cease.” William Wurmbrand