Ways to Learn from the Bible
       Keep in mind that the goal of our learning
           is that we come to Him for eternal life

John 5:39-40 You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.

The Word Hand
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5 methods to learn from the bible by The Navigators: Hear, Read, Study, Memorize, & Meditate.
All 5 are important.  Everyone has different learning styles. Hiding God's word in your heart and meditating on what it really means can transform your life.
Following is more information on each of those 5 ways to learn from the bible. Keep in mind that the goal of learning from the bible is to know and love God and to receive instruction for our daily lives. 


1) Hear God's Word
    -A good place to hear God's word is
     at church.  If you don't have a good
     bible-believing church, ask God to
     help you find one. Here is a link
     on how to find a bible-believing
     church? (Click Here)

    -Other ways to hear God's Word, are
      to read it out loud, or listen to
      someone else read it out loud.
      Following are a couple websites/apps
      where you can listen to the Bible. 
        YouVersion App (Click Here)
        Daily Audio Bible (Click Here)
        The Bible Experience (Click Here)

    -Another way to Hear God's Word is
     by listening to churches or teachers
     through Internet, Radio, TV, DVD's,
     mp3's, etc. This might be a good way
     to check out a church before actually
     visiting or to learn more on a particular
     topic of interest. If you aren't sure if
     the teaching is good, you could ask a
     pastor or other mature believer you
     trust to evaluate the teacher/teaching.      

2) Read God's Word
    There are a variety of ways to read the
     bible. Here is a link to a printable page
     "How to Have a Daily Quiet Time".
     This might be a good place to start.
     The goal is to spend time in God's
     Word so that we can know God.

     Bible Reading Plans (There are a wide
     variety of plans that you can choose
     from at this link)  
     Printable Bible Reading Plan
     New Testament in a Month
     Daily Encounters Guide
     Bible Translations
        Bible Translation Guide
        List of Translations
        Why are there so many translations
        History of English Bible Translations
     Online Bibles
        Bible Gateway
        Bible Hub
3) Study God's Word
     Bible Hub-(Click Here)
This site has a vast
       amount of information.  You can search for a
       verse and see what that verse says in many
       translations, you can see a summary, outline,
       commentaries, original Greek, Hebrew or
       Aramaic language, concordance, and much
       more.  You may want to save this as a favorite.    
       When you are trying to understand a verse or
       passage, ask the Holy Spirit to help you

   Books of the Bible
(& Info for each book)

   Overview of the 66 Books of the Bible
      Youtube Video (Click Here)

   The Structure of the Bible
       (Click Here) (& Here)

-How to interpret, understand
        and apply the Bible.

Red Letter Scriptures of Jesus

   Bible Study Methods by Priscilla Shirer 
Observation-What does it say?Meditate on it
            Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate it.
       Interpretation-What does it mean? Sit with
            Holy Spirit & let Him teach us. Look at
            context, who was the author, who was it
            written to, why did he write it, what was
              happening during that time period, etc.
       Application-What does it mean to me?

          Priscilla recommends these books:
             Manners & Customs of Bible Times
                by Ralph Gower
             Kregel Guide to ...(there are several books)
                she says all are good

If you have received the gift of
    speaking in tongues, this is also a good
    way to gain revelation and
    understanding.  Take a few minutes to
    praying in tongues before you start
    reading your bible or when you find a
    passage or verse that is difficult to
    understand.  (Click Here) for a teaching
    on the Holy Spirit by Robert Morris
    (Click Here) for "What Does the Bible
    say about Speaking in Tongues"

   Bible Maps (Click Here)
   Bible Timeline
       (Version 1) (Version 2)
       Timeline Video
   Understanding Challenging Passages
     (Click Here)
   Additional Resources
   How to Read the Bible
for All it's Worth
          By Gordon Fee
How to Read the Bible Book By Book
By Gordon Fee
   1828 Webster's Online Dictionary
      Sometimes it is helpful to be able to
      go back to what a word meant in the
    Sermon Library by Bible Book
       (Calvary Chapel) (Click Here)

4) Memorize God's Word
     This is the process of hiding or 
     planting the seed of God's Word in our
     hearts. Seeds take time to grow.
     Effortless Change-
By Andrew Wommack
     Memorizing Scripture (Video)
     How to Memorize God's Word

     Bible Alphabet Memory Verses
     Bible Memory App
Dr. Lemmer Du Plessis (Video)
        This man has entire books of the
         bible memorized
     Bible Memory Songs are also a really
     great way to hide God's Word in our
         (Click Here) & (Click Here)
         (Click Here) & (Click Here)

5) Meditate on God's Word
     How Can I Meditate on Scripture?
     What is a Rhema?
     Benefits of Meditating on Scripture

6)  Beware of False Teachers or False
      As you are studying the Holy Spirit wants to guide
      you into all truth. If something feels off, then
      something might not be quite right. Talk to God
      about your questions on the topic. There are many
      excellent teachers, but even excellent teachers
      don't always get things 100% correct.
      And many times there are different interpretations
      of what a verse or passage means.     
      And sometimes it may be that we haven't learned
      something that connects the pieces of the puzzle.

     Here are a few false teachings:       
     Calvinism (Click Here) (Click Here)
     The Confusing World of Dr. John
        MacArthur (Click Here)

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