Why was the Bible Written
1)The God of the universe made a way for us to know Him and begin a relationship with Him and one day be
with Him in heaven (Click Here)

"Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth"
           By Chris Brown  3:53 Video
3) 14 Reasons to Read the Bible
     (Click Here)
     It's how God reveals His character
     It gives instructions for daily life & how
     to pray, the good news of Jesus, and
     how to share it, how to trust God, what
     God's will is, how to forgive, and more.
4) A Bible Study to help you know God
    better: God Mountain Bible Study

5) The Bible gives us Truth.  Just like a
     bank teller studies real dollar bills so
     they can identify counterfeit bills, as
     we study the bible, we will be able to
     more easily identify false teaching and
     will be less likely to be deceived.

6) Spiritual Food for the Soul (Click Here)

7) Some things we can learn about God
     from the Bible (Click Here)

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