1 Corinthians 13:4-8 is a great passage to memorize. I recommend memorizing it and then thinking about what each word in the passage means.  Think about how to apply it to your daily life. It is not just for marriage.  This passage helps in parenting, with friendships, in your job, everywhere there are people in your life. I like to pray for "More Love" so that I will have more of God's kind of love in my life to love others with.  Below I've listed the actual verse and for those parts of the verse that are things love is "not", I made some notes with the opposite of those lines.                              

1 Corinthians 13:4-8
Love is patient
love is kind 
It does not envy 
(it is thankful for what you have and the gifts
     you see in others and asks/prays or works
     for what is needed or desired)

it does not boast
(boasts of what God is doing or
      has done)

it is not proud    
(is humble)
It is not rude      
(is courteous)
it is not self-seeking  
(is other-centered)
it is not easily angered  
(is easily made happy)
it keeps no record of wrongs   
(keeps a record of the good)
Love does not delight in evil
(delights in good)    
but rejoices with the truth
It always protects
always trusts
always hopes
always perseveres
Love never fails
(another translation says love
       goes on forever)

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