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Taking Care of our Temple
(from the Mountains of Maturity Series)
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1) Do you want to learn about how to have a healthy body.  Being humble is a good place to start.  The best way to start the climb up Body Mountain is by humbly lowering ourselves.  Following is a teaching that may help with this process of lowering ourselves.   (The Way up is Down)

2 Help for Specific Conditions
   and Diseases

3 Organic/Non-GMO-
   Is it really that important?
4 Scriptures on health &
      our bodies?

5 Food Sources for Vitamins
   Food Sources for Minerals
   Food Sources for Essential
      Fatty Acids

6 Exercising

7 Health Youtube Videos
       Barbara O'Neill
       More recommendations to come

Healing Mountain (coming) 

Other Topics



What is Body Mountain?

   This is a resource for anyone that wants to
    have a healthier body. This is part of a
    series called "Mountains of Maturity"

    This is a resource for anyone that wants to
    have a healthier body (including me).

    For years I have researched and collected
    information on:
         - Various conditions & diseases
         - Food sources for vitamins & minerals
         - Scriptures on Health
         - & Other Health Topics

     My hope in putting this information online is
     that perhaps there is something here that
     can help you or someone you know. It is a
     work in process. 

     I pray that what you will find here will be a
     blessing to you.

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