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In His Service, Lori Beil Music Ministry * 7121 N. Shore Dr. * Belleville, WI * 53508

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"Come to Me" People

Thanks for visiting this site. The above picture is of me and my family.   Back in 1992, while I was teaching 2nd grade Sunday School, God began to give my friend Cherrie & I songs for the kids. Since that time its has been such a joy to write songs not just for kids but for all ages. I have a great husband, John and 3 wonderful children, Michael, Michelle, & Joey.

We live in Belleville, Wisconsin. We are praying that Michael & Michelle will walk, run, leap, and dance for joy once again.  We'd appreciate your prayers. I hope you'll enjoy this website. There is music here for all ages. Also be sure to check out the Articles!!
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1) Bible memory songs for young children
(Pizza in Heaven CD) Click Here

2) Songs for those going through difficult circumstances

(River of Life CD) Click Here

3) Songs for those who want to draw near to God in worship & prayer

(Prayer & Praise CD)
Click Here

4) Songs to help you know God better
(We Want to Know You CD)
Click Here

5) Songs for those hard days
(Come to Me CD)
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May God Bless Your Day,
Lori Beil

Come to Me People

The songs on this CD were written out of some hard times and my need and desire to draw close to God.  I am such a work in progress.  The closer I get to God, the more clearly I see this.  It is in His presence that I find great strength and peace and even joy in the midst of the trials of life.  Also as I study the Bible and find verses that help me, God helps me to turn them into songs so that I can remember what He is teaching me. 
I pray that as you listen to the first song "Come to Me", you will hear the invitation of Jesus to ...Come to Him.  He really does care about you and the things you are going through.   You don't have to figure it all out.  Just come to him like a little child and trust Him.  He is perfect and nothing is too hard for him. 
Lori Beil

Ian Smith
Ian played the guitar part on the song "Jesus Here I Am".  Thanks Ian for adding so much to this song.  He recorded the guitar part at his studio in Verona, WI