May God bless you
and grant you incredible joy as
you follow Him!! 

Following are some ideas
to help you grow as a Christian:

1) Reading the Bible will be
like food for your soul.  Ask God
to help you understand what you read and how to apply it to your life.  Start memorizing some of what you read.  When you have a verse memorized, start thinking about what each word in that verse means.  One good passage to start with is  1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Here is a fun way to memorize
bible verses from A - Z  Click Here

or if you would like to memorize verses that are put to music  Click Here

Following is a link to a video to help you learn how to read the bible.
Click here

You can also read the bible online
for free at

Here is a link to a variety of plans
to read the Bible.  If you don't have a bible, but have email, you can have a portion of the bible emailed to you daily so that you can read it.
Read the New Testament in a Year 
Other Bible Reading Plans

Movie Versions of
4 Books of the Bible:

The Gospel of Matthew
The Gospel of Mark
The Gospel of Luke
The Gospel of John

Why are there 4 similar but
different books of the Bible?

2) Watch the Jesus Movie (Click Here)
  There is a drop down menu to play this in English or over 2000 other

3) Ask God to lead you to a
Bible-believing church that has people that will love you and help you grow in your faith.  Let the church know you have received Jesus as your Savior and ask them to baptize you.
  How to find a bible-believing church
     (Click Here) & (Click Here)

4) Talk to God like you would a friend knowing that he hears you. 
He even hears your thoughts, so
You can talk to him wherever you are!!  Tell him about the things you need help with and what you need. Share the great things that are happening and the hard things. Ask Him for help for your friends or family and ask Him to guide you and help you learn.  Being a Christian is not a religion it is a
relationship with Jesus Christ!
God Mountain Bible Study

Who is God-Scriptures

5) Realize that there are trials
in life.  Life won't always be easy, but God promises to never leave you or forsake you. Ask God to help you through difficult times. 

6) Ask God to fill you with
His Holy Spirit. There is an initial
filling, but keep coming to God to be refilled. The disciples in the book of Acts were filled multiple times. 
Here is a link with more information
on this topic:
Spirit-Filled Life

7)  When you accepted Jesus as your savior, your spirit was changed and made new.  Learn about what God says about you now and who you
are becoming.
Who You are in Christ

8) Your spirit was instantly changed at salvation.  Now you begin the process of sanctification, where Jesus is at work in your life giving you new desires and transforming how you think, feel, and act. Jesus will help you to do anything that He asks you to do.  Following are some links
to help you grow:

Forgiving Others

Mountains of Maturity

The Way Up is Down

Growing in Humility

What to turn away from

Becoming More Like Christ

Prayers and Declarations for the Words of My Mouth

The Power of Praying
for My Finances

9) Share your faith and what you are learning with others. Jesus told us to "go and make disciples..."
(Matt 28:19) Sharing with others is also a good way for what you are learning to grow deeper inside of you.
Here is a link to the page
"How Can I Be Saved", which would be a good page to share with others, as well as this page that you are on now.  Who knows how many people will one day be in heaven because of your faithfulness to share your faith.

If you disciple 2 people and teach them to disciple 2 people who disciple 2 people, and it keeps going, after only 14 times 16,384 people have been reached.
(see picture below)
  If you increase that to 3 people, after 14 levels 4,782, 969 people are  discipled. (See picture below)
The results will be more or less depending on how many
catch the vision.   I'm praying that many who visit this website will
catch the vision. 

You may want to bookmark
this page and come back to it
from time to time and to share it
with others to help them grow in their faith.  Be fruitful and multiply.
God Bless you!!


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