That is pretty amazing that if you disciple 2 people and teach them to disciple 2 people who in turn each disciple 2 people, after 14 levels, over 16,000 people could be discipled.  The cool thing is that if you increase that to 3 people, then over 4.7 million people can be discipled if everyone catches the vision. I'm praying that many who visit this website will catch the vision. God's plan really is brilliant!!!  

Here some things you could use to help people grow into a vibrant life of following Jesus.

1) The Gospel of Matthew (Full Movie)
    (Click Here)
    The Gospel of Mark (Full Movie)
    (Click Here)
(Several Languages available)
The Gospel of Luke (Playlist)
    (Click Here)

The Gospel of John (Full Movie)
    (Click Here)
(Several Languages available)

    If you'd like a different language,    
    "The Jesus Movie" has a
    drop-down menu with over
    2000 languages (Click Here)
2) How Can I Begin a Relationship with
    Jesus? (Click Here)

3) What are some of the things
    Jesus taught?  (Click Here)
     and (Click Here)

4) Mountains of Maturity (Click Here)

5) Free God Mountain Bible Study.  
    Click Here
      This is a study someone
    could do on their own, or you could
    consider meeting up with them or
    talking about it over the phone, or
    meeting over zoom, etc.

6) And here is a link for people that recently received Jesus as their savior and want to grow.  (Click Here)

7) If you become a Friend of the Gideons, you can buy their pocket sized bibles to hand out.  There is a plan of salvation at the back of the bibles.
(Click Here)

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