Marriage Mountaineering Index
    What is Marriage Mountaineering?              
This is a resource for anyone that is married or
wants to be married in the future. Each section stands on it's own, so feel free to journey in a way that meets your needs.

For years I have collected information that has helped us in our marriage. I pray that what you will find here will be a blessing to you and help to:

   - further strengthen an already
     strong marriage

   - shore up the foundations of a good

   - pour life into struggling marriages

   - help new marriages get a good start

   - help those who want to be married
     in the future learn some tips on how to
     have a successful marriage.

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What is
         Marriage Mountaineering?
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1 The Triangle of Love

Do you want to learn about how to have a good marriage.  Being humble is a good place to start.  The best way to start the climb up Marriage Mountain is by humbly lowering ourselves.  Following is a teaching that may help with this process (The Way up is Down)

3 Marriage Mountaineering Scriptures
     What Does God Think About Sex?
           In Marriage
           Outside of Marriage

What Does God Think About Divorce?
Scriptures for Husbands and Wives
       1 Corinthians 13
       DNA of Relationships - Memory Verses
       Setting Boundaries on Marital Submission

4 Prayer
       The Power of Prayer
       Prayers for the Words of My Mouth
       Prayers to Grow in Faith
       The Power of Praying for Our Finances

5 Building Healthy Relationships
        Ways to Build Trust
        7 Pillars of a Healthy Relationship
        8 Traits of a Happy Marriage

6 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

7 Dr. Emerson Eggerichs-Love and Respect

8 Gary Chapman-Five Love Languages

9 Tommy Nelson-Song of Solomon
        The Art of Intimacy
        The Art of Conflict
        The Art of Deepening
        The Art of Faithfulness

10 Jimmy-Evans 
        The Key to Your Spouseís Heart

11 Gary & Michael Smalley
        Summary of DNA of Relationships
        Discovering your core fear
        DNA of Relationship Verses
        Love Talk Series after you click, scroll
                                    to the bottom to start    
12 Chris Hogan 
        Courageous Conversations
13 Mark Gungor
        Laugh Your Way to A Better Marriage

14 Chip Ingram-Living on the Edge
        Marriage that Works
           (listen online or download)

        Love, Sex, and Lasting Relationships
          (listen online or download)       
          (Click Here for Notes)
        Field Kit for Better Relationships
          (25 Creative Date Night Ideas
           & Conflict  Resolution Tool)
        7 Devotions for Couples
        The Chip Ingram App
        Free PDF Downloads

15 Institute in Basic Life Principles
     (Bill Gothard)
     After becoming a Christian, the Holy Spirit works in us to help us become more and more Christlike.These two lists are great ways to pray with and for each other.  Don't be overwhelmed by the lists. Simply offer your lives to God in these areas and ask for His help.
        49 Commands of Christ
            More Information on Each Command
        49 Character Qualities
            More Information on Each Quality

16 Forgiveness
Forgiveness Checklist, Prayer, & Verses
How to Forgive When Itís Hard to Forget
        The Process of Forgiveness
Possessing an Unoffendable Heart
        Get Over It - Robert Madu
- Start at 13:28
        Robert Morris - The Pardon Test (turn sound on)
17 Communication
    7 Tips to Improve Communication
        in Your Marriage
    Active Listening- Boston University
    Confrontation, How to Resolve Issues
       Hurting Relationships by Danny Silk
    The Most Important Role in a
        Confrontation by Danny Silk
    The Power of Emotional Response-ability
       by Danny Silk
    What do you do when a confrontation
       doesnít go well? By Danny Silk
    Communication Hacks by Danny Silk
    Relational Germs
(Things that negatively
        impact communication)
By: Scott Stanley

18 Help for Struggling Marriages
       Finding Hope for a Hopeless Marriage
       Other Resources to help heal marriages
       Two Types of Boundaries
19 Who is God
20 Our Identity in Christ 
     Our Identity in Christ Scripture Prayers
        & Declarations
     The Lord Delights in You

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