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What Kids Can Learn from these songs!!

The story of creation
The 10 commandments
2 commandments of Jesus
How to be saved
The 9 Fruits of the Spirit
A Prayer to be Led by the Spirit
Why it is good to "Do Good"
When to Look to God
Why to keep your promises
The importance of humility
About trusting God to meet your needs
That God's Ways are different from ours
What God wants us to think about
The importance of practicing our faith
Why not to go to bed mad
How to get rid of worries

And of course...
Is there Pizza in Heaven?

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   Bible Songs for Children

               Song Titles
1. In the Beginning
2. Teach Me O Lord
3. I am a Sinner
4. Look to the Lord Before you Leap
5. Jesus is Lord
6. He Saved Us
7. I Want to be Led by Your Spirit
8. The Fruit of the Spirit
9. Do Not Forget to Do Good
10. Humble Heart
11. God's Ways are Higher
12. Stop, Drop, & Roll
13. Daily Bread
14. Pizza in Heaven
15. Dont' let the Sun go Down
16. Waaaay Up
17. Exercise Our Faith
Do your kids know
how to get to heaven?

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