Forgiveness is a process

One night I attended a bible study and learned about the "process" of forgiveness. I only attended one night of this study, but it was a crucial thing that I learned that night. This is my version of what I remember.

Forgive - To forgive is a choice, a free act of the will.  We can choose to forgive someone for something they did or said.  This is the first step.

Forgiving - This part may take some time.  Once you have made the choice to forgive them and done that, start praying for the person.  Pray that God will bless them.  If the enemy comes back and tries to bring those bad feelings back, just keep praying for the person.  If you think of the person and still feel bad toward them, just keep praying in the days and weeks ahead.   I've learned that "The Power of the Praying Parent" or "The Power of the Praying Wife" books by Stormy Omartian are good books that have prayers at the end of each chapter.  You can change the words to fit the person you are praying for. 

Forgiven - This it the day when you can think about the person and not have hard or negative feelings.  You have forgiven!!!  Rejoice and be glad!!

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